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The Pentagram on Esplanade Ave

The Pentagram on Esplanade Ave

A friend asked what I knew about the mansion on Esplanade that features a stained glass five pointed star at its apex. I was embarrassed to say I’d never noticed this rather unusual detail t on the tony Avenue:

The property the house stands on was originally part of a Spanish land grant in 1800, and although it was meant to be farmed, the entire block was held by land speculators until after the…

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Invasion of the Slime Monsters

Invasion of the Slime Monsters

This was something I posted on Squidoo for yet another contest, this one about a “memorable” photo you took. I suppose it says something about me that when I read the rules I knew exactly what I was going to use…

Not the average photo


This lens was written for a Squidoo contest about a photo you took, presumably about what makes it unique and interesting. Most people, surely, selected photos…

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Photograph walks abound!

Still moving stuff over from Squidoo, and it’s easy to see which articles are from their “challenges,” because I just republished “A Photographic Walk Through New Orleans’ City Park,” and all of the related pages start with “A Photographic walk through…”

It’s been surprisingly sad, moving these things, losing their little colorful badges and whatnot- this one got Lens of the Day and a Purple…

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Squidoo is no more.

Squidoo is no more.

I had a bunch of content on Squidoo, which has announced they’re folding. I’m moving most of my stuff over to Hubpages, but there are a few things I did for contests or challenges that don’t really have a wider audience, and I’ll bring those over here. Until the process is done, links may be wonky, but I’m taking care of things as quickly as possible, and intend to get back to writing asap.


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Why do we stay in New Orleans?

Why do we stay in New Orleans?

This is an article written by my husband for a St. Louis online newspaper after hurricane Gustav in 2008, posted here as a further explanation for two articles posted on HubPages, one on how to prepare for an oncoming storm, and the other about what it’s like to actually stay, in practical terms.


Less than half an hour after Gustav’s worst winds had passed, our…

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May we all climb to the top and conquer our dragons today! (Sorry it’s blurry, he was on the move!)

May we all climb to the top and conquer our dragons today! (Sorry it’s blurry, he was on the move!)

New Orleans dusk

A rough n’ rainy start to Friday the 13th in NOLA.

#WetWiener #drenchedDogs

Dusk over Canal st.

In the house I docented (?) today, made by a tfa volunteer. Ridiculously touched.

Hazy hot n’ humid early morning. #Frenchquarter #nola

The Iron Throne, New Orleans style. #Got #nola #newOrleans #ironthrone

Donald Link, Pigslayer. 1970s style.

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