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Writer, photographer and professional New Orleanian, I'm consolidating several sites and ultimately simplifying life.


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New Orleans dusk

A rough n’ rainy start to Friday the 13th in NOLA.

#WetWiener #drenchedDogs

Dusk over Canal st.

In the house I docented (?) today, made by a tfa volunteer. Ridiculously touched.

Hazy hot n’ humid early morning. #Frenchquarter #nola

The Iron Throne, New Orleans style. #Got #nola #newOrleans #ironthrone

Donald Link, Pigslayer. 1970s style.

Meyers on Flickr.

Grave in New Orleans’ pauper’s cemetery, Holt. Not forgotten.

The extent of fall in #nola. Dead morning glories below, streak of red in the pear tree and palm trees behind!

CCC through clouds and a filthy windshield. #nola #cloudymorning

Ghostly balcony secret entrance. #civic #Coheed #nofilter

Top notch security at the civic. Fans on the other side, coheed on this one

All Saints day 2013

Voodoo Prayer candles in Valance Cemetery, New Orleans.

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