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Writer, photographer and professional New Orleanian, I'm consolidating several sites and ultimately simplifying life.


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Grave in New Orleans’ pauper’s cemetery, Holt. Not forgotten.

The extent of fall in #nola. Dead morning glories below, streak of red in the pear tree and palm trees behind!

CCC through clouds and a filthy windshield. #nola #cloudymorning

Ghostly balcony secret entrance. #civic #Coheed #nofilter

Top notch security at the civic. Fans on the other side, coheed on this one

All Saints day 2013

Voodoo Prayer candles in Valance Cemetery, New Orleans.

Enjoy yourself…it’s later than you think!

From the New Orleans Krewe of Boo Halloween parade with a Day of the Dead theme.

Waiting for krewe of boo to get moving. #nola #parade #Halloween #kreweofboo

On this, the first cool fall morning, the flowers are a little hesitant about the ‘glorious’ part. #morningglory


So who wants to join his harem? :D

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It’s a hard life. #Weiner #daschund #caseofthemondays

Because some days you can either get @SteinsDeli or you can run away. Today was a close one but a Rachael put it right. (at Stein’s Market & Deli)

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